Yeah! About 14 months after the latest edit on my WordPress plugin “AccessibleYoutube”, I finally commited my plugin to the WordPress Plugin Directory! You can find it here:

WordPress Plugin Directory: AccessibleYoutube

Things to do:

  • Add internationalization: Add at least a Dutch, English and German translation.
  • Turning Dutch variables into the more common English names. Useful for the non-Dutch who want to edit this plugin without a dictionairy ;-)
  • Making a more fancy way to display a video. It’s not pretty good-looking right now. It works, that’s all.
  • Add screen shots!

If you got questions or comments, please let me know at or as a comment :-)

A few days ago, I was at my girlfriend. I got the idea of making a panorama picture of her view outside her student flat. The result is quite well done, if I may say so.

Pictures shot with an Canon EOS 450D/Rebel XSi, with a total of 8 images. Fully blended, the picture has a width of 10833 pixels and a width of 1396 pixels. I’m almost glad I didn’t shoot the original pictures at full quality (4,272 x 2,848), but at the smallest possible resolution. Maybe an idea for the next time I’m in Wageningen…

Panorama gemaakt vanaf Dijkgraaf in Wageningen

Panorama gemaakt vanaf Dijkgraaf in Wageningen (click for “full” size)